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Wednesday, January 19th

@10:00 AM UK Time
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Virtual Kindle Book Masterclass: Tap Into Your Power.

About Our Guest Speaker

Mirela Sula

Mirela Sula, CEO & Founder of Global Woman

Mirela Sula, originally from Albania, has been based in London UK since September 2012. She has worked in media and education for more than 20 years and has speaking experience from all around the world. Her background takes in psychology and counselling, journalism, teaching, coaching, women’s rights and media training. 
Mirela is CEO and the founder of Global Woman Magazine and Global Woman Club. She is also the organiser of the Global Woman Summit and Global Woman Awards. Mirela has appeared on London Live TV, BBC Radio 4 Women’s Hours, Sky TV and many other television shows. She has also been featured in the “Evening Standard” and “The Guardian”.
In 2014 Mirela created Migrant Woman Talks, a platform for women to share their stories and experience of life in a new country. This platform grew rapidly, and by the end of 2018 Mirela had created 24 Global Woman Clubs for women in 16 countries and has helped hundreds of women to unlock their potential, set up their goals and achieve their dreams.
Mirela has received many awards for her work, including the ‘Inspirational Award for Women 2015’ for Human Rights, the ‘Best Up-And-Coming Inspirational Influencer’ Award from The Best You in 2017 and the Universum Donna Award 2017 from the Universum Academy of Switzerland. She received The Best Book of the Year Award from The Author’s Awards in 2016 for her book, ‘Don’t Let Your Mind Go’ and her book, ‘50 Inspiring Stories of Migrant Women – From Struggle to Success’, was launched at the Houses of Parliament in December 2017. The same month Mirela won the “Entrepreneur of The Year Award” from the Wealth Dragons, and she ended this successful year being on the list of the OOOM 100: THE WORLD’S MOST INSPIRING PEOPLE. In April 2018 Mirela travelled to Los Angeles to receive “The Orbits” Award at the “Diplomats Diversity”.
Mirela is passionate about empowering women worldwide and always stands up for inclusion, diversity, gender balance and supporting the next generation. Her mission is to create a global movement to improve the future for women, by financially empowering every woman. Mirela uses her years of experience in teaching and leadership to inspire and motivate women around the world, working with them to deliver career and life changing results beyond expectation. Her aim is to reach one million women entrepreneurs by the end of 2020 for her Global Woman Club.

Giovana Vega


Giovana is a King Juan Carlos University-certified Forex Trader, international motivational speaker, and money mindset strategist who grew up in Peru. Arriving in Holland in 1997, she learnt Dutch, studied bookkeeping and took on a Finance job that helped her discover a passion for currency interactions.
In 2014, Giovana launched her personal journey into the world of trading and investing and has never regretted that decision. Founder also of “Trading for Women,” her business revolves around money-mindset, wealth-creation and lifestyle.
Giovana is committed to helping women take charge of their financial future. One of such ways is by creating financial awareness, something she does with her book “Trading for Success, 8 Secrets Why Women are Better Forex Traders.”
As an authority in the field of trading, Giovana helps successful female business owners understand the dynamics of wealth creation even without a financial background. With a unique model called the “Wealth Accelerator,” she teaches clients how to leverage their unique strengths to succeed in the world of financial trading.
Giovana is also author. In total, she has authored 4 books in the area of trading, leadership and empowerment. The “Phenomenal Global Woman Project,” a book Giovana co-authored, has been adapted as a film documentary and she has featured in international magazines such as “Star People” and “Global Woman Magazine.”
Giovana is the Regional Director of Global Woman Club Amsterdam, a platform that connects professional woman around the world. Giovana is also the 2019 winner of the Global Woman Award as the Director of the Year.
Giovana has twice been a guest on Dutch National TV channel RTL4. For being an inspiration to women, she has been selected as 1 out of 10 finalists for TEDxAmsterdamWoman

Kicki Pallin


Kicki’s background is as a journalist, author, educator and speaker, and she holds a Masters degree in Media and Communication. Her experiences are from working in several different fields, all connected to service and communication. For more than a decade Kicki worked as a radio host, reporter and producer at the Swedish National Radio.
She has also held management positions in both the airline industry and the hotel business. 
In her work for Global Woman, she is happy to assist in any possible way to support the vision and mission of Mirela Sula. To contribute to the empowerment of women all over the world, and also being one small link in connecting women globally. Kicki is grateful to be participating in a purposeful way.

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Virtual Kindle Book Masterclass: Tap Into Your Power

About the book

So, if you are looking to become an entrepreneur or for a purpose in your life, this book is sure to both move and inspire you.
Do not wait: your life is happening NOW!
Tap Into Your Power - 21 Lessons to Help Women Conquer Their Fear and Reinvent Themselves
Are you curious about inner growth and self-development? Do you want to understand and accept the uncertainties of life? These are just some of the things you'll find out about when you ask 21 successful women to candidly share their personal stories, difficulties and advice on how to navigate both your personal and professional life.
Tap Into Your Power will show you, as a reader, various step-by-step processes that anyone can work through to overcome any fear. Going from fearful to fearless isn’t something that happens overnight, but if you are willing to work on tapping into your power, you will find a life of bliss and opportunity on the other side of your fears.
This book is full of inspiration and tips from these 21 very different women, who overcame their fears to create value for themselves and others, whilst living lives of purpose, passion and action.
There is something for everybody in here, whether you're searching for encouragement, support, inspiration or motivation that'll help you become the best version of you and create a meaningful life doing what you love best - while also helping others in the process
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