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Wednesday, January 26th

@05:00 PM GMT
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Maryon Stewart - 5 Tried and Tested Ways to Manage Menopause Naturally

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5 Tried and Tested Ways to Manage Menopause Naturally

In this Masterclass women will learn

  •  What's going on in their body as they go through their midlife transition
  • ​Why they need a midlife refuel to feel like the best version of themselves and tips on:
  • ​How to achieve that and 
  • ​How to have a midlife refuel
  • ​Diet to get your hormones working normally
  • ​Using Mother Nature's oestrogen lookalikes to restore normal hormone function
  • Choosing science-based supplements that work
  • Exercise that will help you shape up and feel good
  • ​Relaxation that will help you feel calm and cool
About Our Guest Speaker

Maryon Stewart

Maryon Stewart is a British Author and Broadcaster.

She is the author of Manage Your Menopause Naturally and 27 other books. 

A world-renowned healthcare expert, she has helped tens of thousands of women around the world overcome PMS and menopause symptoms without using drugs or hormones. 

In 2018 she was awarded the British Empire Medal and was recognized as one of the 50 most inspirational women by the Daily Mail.

In 2020, more than 50 million women are going through menopause in the United States, and it’s estimated that one billion women around the world will be experiencing menopause globally by 2025. And while more than 75 percent of these women will experience symptoms for a decade or longer — issues like hot flashes, mood swings, difficulty concentrating, sleep problems, and loss of sex drive — 55 percent won’t do anything to try to alleviate them.
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