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Wednesday, July 27th

@05:00 PM GMT
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Grow your business with Feminine Power

In this Masterclass women will learn

1. The Number one spiritual skill to relaunch your passion (The power of imagination)

2. The number one emotional tool for happiness (The Power of Self-love)

3. A number one life skill to create prosperity. (Become a Non-Negotiable)
About Our Guest Speaker

 Dr Tracy Kemble (PhD) - Founder of the Feminine Boss Academy

Dr Tracy Kemble (PhD) is the Founder of the Feminine Boss Academy, an institution and training centre that teaches women how to be the “Boss of Your Be and Business”.

She is also the Founder of the WIN Foundation, a 501C3 that also for 25 years has been providing programs of recovery for women faced with abuse trauma. 

Her highly acclaimed program “Reclaiming Me” and her book The Courage to Say No More have been recognized by world figures such as Hillary Clinton and media around the world.

As a true Feminine Boss leader and mentor, Dr Tracy is the owner of the international brand Mrs Globe, which with 80 licenses around the world has produced the most prestigious beauty pageant for misses in the world, for the past 26 years.

She is a Femininity Preservationist, a noted author of 5 books, and a trendsetting life transformation expert who with her international businesses, lives between California and Greece with her husband Spyro and their Samoyed HABIBI.

For years we were told that “working harder" was the formula for success. Today, however, more women around the globe are suffering from Burnout. Add to that the global stresses we’ve all faced and evidence shows us that there has got to be a better way.

In this class FEMININE BOSS Leader, Dr Tracy will teach you three Feminine Boss secrets that can lead you out of burnout and into effortless prosperity.

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If you’re serious about to grow your business, then you definitely want to join this incredible FREE online training on the 27th of July at 05:00 PM GMT where Dr Tracy Kemble - Grow your business with Feminine Power
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