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We Will Show You The Expert Methods 

Wednesday, August 10th

@05:00 PM GMT
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Self-Mastery: How to Reset Our Default Mode

In this Masterclass women will learn

1. How you are create your own reality

2. Your body is a communication system 

3. Your identity & how you feel about yourself 

4. How to use your Personal Sat Navigation System 

5. How to attain your end results 
About Our Guest Speaker

 Mimi Bland - Transformational Mindset Coach, Mentor & Founder of “New Life Academy” 

Mimi Bland is a Transformational Mindset Coach & Mentor & Founder of her company “New Life Academy” 

She is also a best selling author of "The Answer is You: The Formula to Master Your Mind and Your Emotions."

After much soul searching and a 25-year journey trying to get in touch with her higher self, and understanding the mind-body connection, mimi gained incredible insight into how the mastery of thought and emotion can change one’s mindset

Years of mental and emotional abuse left her feeling unworthy, unloved & depressed, but with her resilience and determination, the best selling author and mentor reconstructed her mindset and transformed her life

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